Influence Map – Update

Two more additions and then I move onto writers.

Erik Larsen
I’m a big fan of Larsens mainly because of his attitude towards creating comics. I remember reading somewhere that he doesn’t have a sketchbook, that he just draws straight onto the page and if the panel looks strange…he doesn’t redraw and redraw it. He just moves on and says to himself that he’ll get it right next time. I love that attitude. I may not totally agree with him on politics but his comics approach, I can get behind. His approach to the medium is a big influence on me and ‘Savage Dragon’ is one of the best books out on the market at the moment.

Cam Kennedy
Panel layouts. Subtle posing. Great Storytelling. And nobody draws future war as great as Cam Kennedy. I always look at his work and marvel at it.


2000ad Mash-Up!

From the 2000ad forums.

The Idea

“Mixed up 2000ad, the greatest crossovers that never happened. Nemesis and Dan Dare together for the first time, Nikolai Dante and the Space Girls? Dredd taking out Big Dave? no? Well if you think you can do better you think of one!”

My idea….Zombo meets Ace Trucking Co. I’ll draw this up proper later. I still have two or three other ideas to do. back to sketching. You’ll see them up here soon.