Update – Busy, Busy, Busy!

Haven’t posted in ages!

Here’s the latest…still busy with the Mrs. Browns Boys designs. I have no idea how popular Mrs Brown is in the UK and Ireland because I’m more or less isolated from the success of the show living here in the United States. A buddy of mine in Wales, Rich McAuliffe, has told me that he’s seen lots of people wearing Mrs Brown T-Shirts, with my artwork, walking around Cardiff in Wales. Which is all kinds of cool.

I’ve also noticed that the cartoon version of Mrs Brown seems to be very popular. It’s popping up in Facebook posts and on the web a lot…even on a cake! Which is amazing. When the Animated Series finally hits, I have no doubt it will be huge.

Talking of the animated series – I’ve nearly finished the character designs of the main cast. However, I can’t post them…yet. It’s all under wraps until I get the all clear. I’m really happy with them. They’re way better than the original designs I did years ago. I should be starting on background layouts as early as next week.

So, instead of posting the Mrs. Brown designs, I’ll post some old artwork (6 months or older) that I’ve got lying around so the blog won’t die a painful slow death.

Comic Genius Brendan and his Mrs. Brown cake.
Very Simpsonesque version of the animated Mrs. Brown. Love it!