Projects Update – Part Deux!

Bride of Frankenstein commission pic for Bluemeanie. Still have to get this done! And as soon as it is…post it off to Rich with the Tank Girl pic I did for Iz ages ago!!!

Strontium Dog artwork for Rich’s script.
Thugs! #3. So, behind on this. Still gotta finish the cover colors and get the Ultramaiden parody ad complete.

Finvarras Feast. Sheesh! I’m such a slacker

Irelands Own. An Irish gangland crime project. Still researching this one!

White Heat No.1 The only thing holding this up is the introduction piece I have to write for it. Other than that…it’s done.

White Heat No.2 The Deb Bonair story in this issue has been completely thumbnailed. I still need a second story for this issue.

Thugs! Time to get back in the saddle on this project!

Lots of stuff to do…so little time!!!



It seems like forever since my last update. A lot has been going on. Work has been keeping me really busy and I had my Grandkid (Don’t ask, long story!) and my parents out for a few weeks. Now that everything is returning back to normal…I’ll hopefully be posting a lot more regular and get some more artwork.

My next post will be a list of items/projects I have coming up.