Influence Map – Update

Carlos Ezquerra
As I said in the last post Carlos has always been a constant. His work looks so simple…but like so many Great Masters, it is deceptively so.
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The Carlos Ezquerra Project

The ‘Secret Project’ page I was working on can be revealed!
It’s for a ‘Get Well’ book for Carlos Ezquerra.

Mark J. Howard (legendary Shark on the 2000adOnline forums) found out that one of the greatest artists ever to draw for 2000ad (and one of the greats overall), the guy responsible for co-creating many characters including Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog and Major Easy, Carlos Ezquerra had lung cancer. Carlos had an operation to remove the cancer and was recovering in hospital. Mark took it upon himslef to round up as many contributors as he could and put together a nice ‘Get Well Soon’ book for Carlos. It became a ‘secret project’ because he didn’t want Carlos to know, but rather to surprise him.

Carlos received the book and was blown away by how much he is loved and appreciated by the fans.

Why not? I say.

Carlos has been a constant influence in my life since I was a nipper reading 2000ad and that is an over 30 year relationship!

Get well soon Carlos. You’ll always feel like part of my family.

To read more about this amazing project go here…,29439.0.html

Influence Map – Update

Ron Smith
I didn’t really have much of a appreciation for Ron Smith when I was a youngster reading 2000ad. Mike McMahon and Brian Bolland were the ‘flashier’ artists to me back in those days. I really gained a better understanding and appreciation for Ron Smith when I got older…pretty much the same thing I saw with Jack Kirby’s art.

Ron Smith, for me, is and was the definitive Dredd artist of the 80’s. He added a certain ‘American’ look to Dredd. Almost superhero-ish without being a superhero. And his near impossible poses worked perfectly for him. Something he has in common with Kirby. To me Ron Smith is the english jack Kirby.

Influence Map – Update

Wally Wood

My first exposure to Wood’s work was a teenager. There was a Marvel UK weekly B+W reprint, (As far as I can remember, I can’t remeber the title of the comic book!) that reprinted some of the sword and sorcery comic strips that Wood drew. It instantly stood out to me and I’ve been inspired/influenced by him ever since.

There are a lot of stories about Wally Wood. I remember hearing one story in particular. It was when Wood had received a fan letter saying that his work was past it and not up to scratch and that his assistants handled all the work, not him – in other words, he was washed up. Wood saw this as a challenge and produced, what is too me, his greatest work ‘To Kill A God’ .

This story was told to me when I worked at Fox Animation Studios by Jun Lofamia. Jun brought in the strip in question to show me…and I blew it up on the copier on paper 24×36 and i’m not kidding you. The attention to detail is amazing and some of it gets quite lost ‘regular’ size.

And the thing is…he probably drew it drunk! Wood was an alcoholic!

Below is the first page of the strip. if you can…search it out. Well worth the time looking.

Wally Wood – Genius!

Influence Map – Update

Alan Davis
For me, he is the definitive superhero artist. His work is so fluid and alive. He can draw anything. He is the only artist that can draw ‘serious’ and ‘cartoony’ in the same story and get away with it. I love his 2000ad work, his Marvelman (that’s right, Marvelman…none of that Miracleman bullshit!) Captain Britain, Detective Comics…Excalibur, X-Men, Avengers etc I can go on. Oh and the talented so and so can write too!

He’s always an inspiration to me.