Old School X-Men Angel Eating Chicken!!!

Too make up for the last Angel drawing I did this quick blue line drawing of Angel eating chicken. It was a running joke by Armioq on the CGS Forums.

I hope he likes it.

I like it better than the inked Angel flying pose.


Heroes Exposed #14

The latest episode is up!
Don’t know if there’s any spelling/grammar mistakes.
You tell me! 🙂

Spiderman 2099 – Inks!

Here’s the inked version.

I hope I didn’t screw it up too badly.

That chest logo thingy was a pain in the neck to try and remotely get right!


Heroes Exposed #13

It’s up!
The latest strip!
The Return of ‘Spot the spelling error!’…and grammer error!
Good Luck!

Spiderman 2099 – Rough!

Here’s a rough for another commission!
Spiderman 2099 from that defunct Marvel line.
First time drawing this character.


Christmas Art Challenge

That’s right!

It ain’t Christmas until Old Saint Nick smacks around a few Martians!