Miserable – Page 3

This will probably be the last page of the ‘Miserable’ story that I’ll post for now. Don’t want to give it all away.


Heroes Exposed – Archive 19-20 Unfinished

Last two.

I really like the ‘Where are they now?’ strip. It was suggested by Peter Rios of the ComicGeekSpeak podcast.

The unfinished strip was written by Richard McAuliffe. Hopefully it will get completed at some stage. Funny script too.

So, that’s it…until Pixelstrips.com gets it’s revamp, that’s all the ‘Heroes Exposed’ strips that will appear for now.

Hopefully Kevin can pull things together and get the ball rolling again.

Heroes Exposed – Archive 16-18

This batch includes my favorite ‘Heroes Exposed’ strip and my two lest favorites.
Absolutely love Rich’s ‘Killing Joke’ parody script…loved referencing and drawing it too.

The other two strips look really, really unpolished…from the art to the colors and letters…especially the ‘SuperSew’ one. I was expecting a lot more to be done with that strip.