Casino Game Design 2

Here’s the second design plus the ‘award’ graphic. I really enjoyed doing these designs.
The whole idea behind this game is that as you progress in the jackpot…so does your level of re-incarnation until you reach ‘Enlightenment’.

It was a fun concpet but I probably shouldn’t have mixed religion with money. Which is quite ironic.



Casino Game Design 1

I’ve been so busy the last few days that the blog has been a bit neglected. Not anymore!
Above are two concept images I did for a Game Design ‘test’.
The game design is based on a boardgame I used to play as a teenager. It was just a nice experiment in trying to get a cool looking game.

Mercury and the Murd – Final covers!

Here’s what the covers will look like for ‘Mercury and the Murd’ issues 2 and 3. Shawn at PKD Media posted them earlier on the CGS Forums. If you want to buy a copy…go to and make your purchase.

The folks at PKD Media have also asked me for another cover…I’m going to try and that done by the end of this week. It’s been fun doing those covers.