UltraMaiden Mock Cover!



A mock UltraMaiden cover! It’s actually a re-creation of the cover to Wonder Woman 288.

Not bad…now that I’m warmed up…time to get some real work done!


Flint Lockjaw – Universal Hero


Here’s a quick snippet of some test animation I did with a few ‘friends’ a good few years ago.

The designs are by Robert Islas (hence the co-creator credit…though it should just be a design credit.) but are actually based on my drawings. Robert is an incredible designer.

I’m currently revamping ‘Flint’ and going back to basics.

Ultramaiden Warm-Up!

As I’ve been away for a couple of weeks…I’ve been a bit rusty. So, I decided to lossen up a bit and get abck into the swing of things by drawing a cover re-creation of a Wonder Woman comic…of course it has my own slant on things and features the one and only UltraMaiden from the Thugs! strip.

As soon as I get the whole cover done…I’ll post it.


While I’m sorting out my business/drawing schedule for the coming weeks…
heres an image I did for a comic book I created back in the late 80’s….’MAINSTREAM’.

This was the cover for Issue 2. I was 19 when I drew it. Not bad…but I think I took the idea from an old DC book…can’t remember!

When I’m stuck for something to post…I’ll put up my old garbage. My old garbage is quite interesting when you comapre it to my new garbage.

The character in the vampire choke-hold is ‘Vex’. Vex storylines dealt with the supernatural and were very X-Files before the X-Files….If you know what I mean.



I’ve been away for a while, two weeks to be exact, so I haven’t posted anything in that time. Now that I’m back, I’ll be posting regularly.

Anyhow, my trip back to my home country, Ireland….went really well, personal-wise and business-wise. Hopefully I’ll be able to reveal more details business-wise over the coming few months.

Anyhow…When I was back ‘home’ I picked up tons of swag…what you see in the pictures is a small representation of what I brought back to the US.

I brought over around 7 volumes of the Hardcover faithful reprints of the Original ‘Dan Dare’ strips.

A good few Hardback volumes of ‘Viz Comic’ …Hilarious non-pc stuff.

A few copies of the ‘Eagle’ comic from the 80’s relaunch. Yep…you can see the first issue in the pictures…it came with a free space spinner!

A few copies of some real old school war comics…’Battle.’

A few copies of one of my favorite IPC titles ‘Scream!’…you can see the first issue in the pic and that came with plastic ‘Fangs’.

Bought a couple of the 2000ad fanzine ‘Zarjaz’ (and other various 2000ad stuff) and the British comic fanzine ‘Crikey!’.

Got some ‘Dandy’ and ‘Beano’ stuff including a hardback reprint of the original 1939 Dandy Annual.

And as you can see…I gots me some cool Doctor Who toys! I love the good Doctor. I got a ‘Sonic Screwdriver’, a remote controlled ‘K-9’…two remote controlled Daleks…a Cyberman and the good Doctor himself!

And I got the missus…A ‘Jack Skellington with interchangeable heads’…she loves that movie!
Not a bad haul…I still got tons of stuff up in attic of my folks house. Maybe next time I’ll manage to bring most of it over to the US.