Inquisitor Vex

Busy, busy, busy!

I’ve been incredibly busy lately.

So, here’s a revamped ‘Vex’ from 10 years ago. Hard to believe this was from ’98.


I did a kinda portrait for a friend of my wife who works in Washington DC. He’s a huge Spiderman fan so I got a reference pic from my wife and…Hey Presto! He’s now Spiderman!

I pencilled and inked it on a 10 x 15 Blue Line art board. Not a bad looking piece seeing that I usually draw on 8.5 x 11!

He later sent my wife a jpeg of the drawing framed. Pretty impressed that he’d frame one of my drawings.

Anyhow, I’m posting this because I’ve gotten really busy over the last few days doing freelance work and don’t have anything ‘New’ to post yet!

I’ll post a few ‘Golden Oldies’ over the next week or so until I manage to get some ‘free’ time!

Malego – Page 2

Oh…forgot to mention. This strip was written originally by Geroge O’Shea. George was one of my good friends from back in Ireland. I changed a bit of the dialogue but it’s basically 90% George. Geroge was really talented but could never get driven to do much. A shame!

The strip was originally pblished in a fanzine myself and George put together and we sold it in local newsagents. George did the original art…I re-drew it and used Georges art as rough layouts.