I did this for Brendan. It’s a parody of the FCUK T-Shirts.

Not bad…a bit of fun for me to do.


Strontium Dog! The Animated Series – Part 2-

Here’s another two rough style guides.

First up: Wulf Sternhammer. Johnny’s Viking best friend and fellow bounty hunter.

Second: The Gronk. Johnny and Wulf’s alien medic. Be careful not to scare him though. The Gronks are a very meek race of aliens and even the slightest shock can cause them to faint or have a heart attack.

Strontium Dog! The Animated Series!!!!

One of my all time favorite comic-book characters.

Johnny Alpha…Strontium Dog!

I toyed around with an ‘animated’ look for a Strontium Dog series years ago.

If I was a gazillionaire…I would definitely finance this into a series of movies or direct to dvd animated series…hell, even live action would do.

And I’d pay John Wagner, Alan Grant and Carlos Ezquerra tons of money to work on it.

However, being a realist…I’d settle for an animated series…which ‘if things work out’ I’ll pursue with a vengeance in the next couple of years.