Judge Dredd – Legendary Shark – 2!

Finally! A small update. I just got back from the Auld Country, Ireland! I’ve been away for two weeks but it feels too short a time. I’ll do a bigger update on what I did and what I bought. (Lots of 2000ad stuff!) In the meantime, the Phoenix con is this weekend and I’m really not looking forward to it. I feel burnt out on the whole US comic scene…and I’ll miss a fair chunk of it. Man Utd are playing Barca in the Champions League Final that saturday and poor Al will be left to man our con space all by his lonesome. I’m not missing that game…just a shame it’s on the same day as the con. Al understands…which is cool.


Judge Dredd -Legendary Shark!


I’ve pieced the centerspread together in Photoshop. I have to clean it up a small bit and start the color process. I’ve also got to draw page three. I’ve already got the rough pencils on that done. It’s going to take longer for me to do this strip than I anticipated!

I’ve got some drawings to do for ‘Mrs. Browns Boys’ this week. Two new character drawings!