Anderson – Russ Meyer Style!

Did this for the heck of it after seeing this cheesecakey version of Judge Hershey.
Yeah…I know…it’s all very Russ Meyer. That was the point. I’d never draw Andserson like that for a ‘real’ Dredd strip. It was just for a giggle.


Rogue Trooper Final!

Done and dusted!
Sent this off to Luke a couple of weeks ago. He’s happy with it…which I’m delighted to hear.
I based it initially on the classic 70’s ‘Star wars’ poster. The Traitor General replaces Vader, Rogue and Venus = Luke and Leia, Milli-Com = Death Star, Quartz Massacre = X-wing fighters and my favs, Brass and Bland = R2D2 and C3PO.