Babes – Page 10 – Panel 1!

Here’s a peek at Page 10!

I got back from Sedona on the weekend. Myself and my beautiful wife of 10 years had a great time. Now my batteries are recharged.

I did page 10 today of the last Caretakers story. I’m really hyped because…not only am I near the end of the book, but my team ‘Manchester United’ beat ‘Barcelona’ today to go to the Champions League Final.



Mercury and The Murd – color mock-up!

Here’s the nearly completed cover for PKD Media’s ‘Mercury and the Murd’ issue 2.

What I mean by mock-up is…the logos, credits etc proabably need to be switched around. I sent Shawn the uncluttered version for him to play around with. I put the the stuff on there to get an inkling of what the cover might look like because it looks very bare without it.

As soon as I get the complete cover back from Shawn at PKD I’ll post it.

This post will be my last post for until Monday the 28th. I’m off to Sedona for a few days to celebrate my 10th Anniversary.

See y’all later!

New York!

An oldie but goodie!

Did this a few years ago. It was one background of a series of backgrounds showing the whole of the USA. This was the first one. I think I actually did around seven backgrounds before the idea was scrapped because the head of the department changed his mind a month into it. He was so incompetent.

The amount of time and money wasted on the whims of that lunatic are unbelieveable.