Don Knotts is Superman!


Don Knotts as Superman! I think I’m going to do an old school Justice league…maybe have Don Rickles as Batman and Bea Arthur as Wonder Woman. Hmmm…


Zatanna – ruff pencils

Rough pencils.

I’ll be inking this sucker thursday night (hopefully). It’s a drawing for Bob Bretall. Bob is JLAfan on the ComicGeekSpeak forum. Really nice guy.

I met Bob at the CactusCon in Mesa. I’m doing this for Bob because I felt he got shafted by an artist (a pro, by the way!) that did a not-so-good commission sketch for him. For the price that Bob paid for it…he should have asked for his money back or at last punched the guy in the throat.

It was that bad.

Not that my finished drawing of Zatanna will be much better…but at least it’s free…and at that price…it can’t be that bad.