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Around the 40 minute mark Jimmy Aquino chooses CARETAKERS TALES and THUGS! as two of his top three picks of the week.

It’s Episode #189…
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Thanks Jimmy! I love you…you big handsome asian love machine!


Caretakers Tales – Cover Final!

Here it is!

The final cover color for Caretakers Tales. The color artist is Rob ‘Seraphyn’ Jackson. He’s an amazing artist. You can check out his blog by clicking the link to the right.

Amazing, amazing, amazing.

All that’s left is the intro and it’s off to the printers.

If your reading this, Thanks again Rob…you’re a bloody genius!

Caretakers Tales – Cover Ruff!

As the title sez – it’s the blue line layout for the ‘Caretakers Uncannily Nasty Tales’ cover for the Black & White Edition.

Myself and Rich decided we’d go ahead and print a black and white version while Rob works on the colors. It’ll take Rob a bit of time to color the whole 49 pages. So, in the meantime, people can buy the Black & White version.

This cover is a sort of homage to Al Feldsteins ‘Tales of Terror’ cover from EC Comics. To check out Mr. Feldsteins cover and compare…go to this link:

Feldstein was a genius so please…take it easy on me.