Strontium Dog – Page 4 – Panel 2 – Pencils

Partial pencils. Again…I don’t want to show too much! Don’t want to spoil it.


Strontium Dog – Page 2 – Panel 1 – Inks

Two pages completely inked and a third partially!

I swapped out the controversial ‘Glitter’ character for Old Green Bonce himself – Tharg, The Mighty…complete with styrofoam cup!

I need to step up my game a bit more to finish the strip before the deadline…so…no beer more or ‘Red Dead Redemption’ for me till I’m done!

Strontium Dog – Page1 – Panel 1 – Inks!

So, I tightened the pencils on the first three pages of the strip and loosely pencilled the remaining three. And I sat down to ink the first page.

I initially wanted to keep it simple as possible…try and keep it ‘my style’! (Whatever that is?)
and then decided…Screw it! I’ll do my best Carlos Ezquerra impression!

Not too shabby. Now if I can only keep up the quality throughout.