Projects Update!

Things to do… and things on hold:

  1. Mrs. Browns Boys Animated Short ‘Close Encounters of the Elderly Kind!’ has been put on hold for the time being while I wait for an update. Still looking forward to finishing it. It’s a lot of fun.
  2. Tank Girl commission for Bluemeanies wife Iz. This is going to be a watercolor effort. I’ve got the reference, just have to draw it.
  3. Bride of Frankenstein commission pic for Bluemeanie. I promised him this ages ago. Same deal as the Tank Girl one…all watercolor
  4. Strontium Dog artwork for Rich’s script. We might actually submit this somewhere when we’re finished.
  5. Thugs! #3. Gotta get this issue compiled for publication by the end of August. Again, like the previous print issues I have to go back in a swap and tweak artwork.
  6. Thugs! online chapter 6. Gotta get this done before the webstrip catches up with me!
  7. Finvarras Feast. have to write the outline for this fairy tale meets the commitments story I’ve had brewing for yoinks!
  8. Irelands Own. An Irish gangland crime project I’ve been mulling around. Again have to write an outline for this sucker…and I’ve got a lot of research to go over too.

Lots of stuff…so little time!


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