I became a …

…United States Citizen today.

I took the oath and made the pledge this morning in the Arizona State Fairgrounds stadium with 1700 other ‘new’ citizens from 170 different countries.

It was a pretty interesting experience. It was a whole big occasion. It was the largest swearing in in history.

There were speeches made by naturalized citizens that came to the US years ago. One that was particulary striking was by a police detective that came over from Germany and became a citizen ten years ago…he choked up as he told the crowd of ‘new’ citizens and their family members of how much being an American meant to him. He cried his way through his speech and got a thunderous round of applause.

Patriotic songs were played…the whole shebang.

The great thing about the United States is it’s optimism. It’s contagious.

Well…there you go…no doodles today.

I’m proud to be an American.


7 thoughts on “I became a …

  1. Words from the swear-in ceremony:”Do you accept BLAME for the State of the World and the Responsibility to intervene in the affairs of other nations when it affects our comfy way of life?”Steve – “You bet your arse! Now gimme a cowboy hat!!”

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