Slumber Party! pencils – page 1

Page one blue pencils on a two page ‘gory’ story for Angry Gnome comics. (

It’s been a bit of a challenge to layout. Shawn (the writer) has written 12 panels for the two pages. When I thumbnailed it out it was tough to pick what should be the focus, what should take up more space…etc!

It’s fun though.

Thugs! – Page 3

My scanner is STILL broken!

I’m off to fry’s electronics tonight to get me a new one!
In the meantime here’s page 3 of Thugs! Again, I had to resize and reletter it to fit the print format. It’s a pain …but it gives me the opportunity to fine tune everything…so, it’s not all bad.

Scanner Problems!


My scanner is on the fritz!
For some strange reason it’s scanning ‘Blank’. I reinstalled drivers etc, and did everything possible to fix it!

No dice!

I was cruising through pages today until the scanner issue. Wasted half my day trying every sort of solution.

If I can’t get it sorted in the next couple of days…I’ll have to buy a new one. What a bummer!

I have two pages to scan. One of ‘Caretakers’ and the other is the next page of ‘Spicy Space Tales!’