…And you’d better believe it, creep!

Yep. Good ‘ol Judge Dredd. My all time favorite comic book character. I did this a while back for my kid. He had seen that gawdawful Stallone Dredd movie! I told him I’d draw him the real Dredd. Accept no substitutions!

A buddy of mine Al went to the comicon in San Diego and got me John Wagners autograph…THE JOHN WAGNER! The genius who created Dredd, Darkies Mob, Strontium Dog, Robo-Hunter, Dredger, Button Man…and who wrote History of Violence!

His Dredd strip was soooo far ahead of it’s time…he had our obsession with reality TV shows in the strip in the late 70’s! and Americas obesity problem and obssession with plastic surgery and celebrity, of course, with a bizzarre twist!

I’m always really surprised at how many comic book geeks in the US don’t know this mans genius! I rank Mr. Wagner right up there with the great Will Eisner. His Dredd strip has inspired probably all the Brits that work in the US comicbook industry…some directly!

Get to know this man and his works…you won’t be disappointed.


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